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It’s amazing what a small space with limited lighting can be turned into if a professional  gets their hands on it!



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Because no one knows your taste better than yourself! Check out our curated furniture selections, for the star interior decorator in you.

We're a team of builders, designers, contractors and photographers based in Montreal.

We develop the best solutions for your projects. Our team offers turnkey services with renovation, construction, design, furniture and real estate marketing materials. We emphasize on sustainable building technologies, to save the planet one home at a time and to save your wallet through energy saving solutions.

From city homes to chalets and beach houses, we work with clients in Canada, Latin America and Asia. Whether you are a home owner, a real estate professional or a furniture shopper, our professionals have a unique creative vision of how your dream space will work the best for you.

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First consultation with us is always free. We’d like to hear more about your vision of the dream space you are looking for. Our goal is to best meet your need within your budget and timeframe while maximizing quality.

We work with a variety of furniture suppliers. All our suppliers are hand picked to ensure highest quality and design specifications. When you shop pre-selected furniture at our store, enjoy the premium of timeless taste from a diverse selection presented by our designers, at the discounted price from our direct suppliers. 

We also offer bespoke furniture if you have any specific design sparks and requirements in mind. Let us work with you to build the comfort you are looking for.

We believe in working with our clients every step of the way. In the initial consultation phase, we will listen to your needs and present different options. In the design and construction phase, we like to consistently communicate with you and receive your feedback along the way. A happy customer is the best customer!

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